Luxury Pyjamas worth getting out of bed for

Sorry I haven’t posted much in a few days guys, but i’m back! And I have something exciting to talk to you about that WILL blow your mind. I have recently had my eye on this website/company that I know you guys will all fall in love with. They are called The Reach London and they have this new kick starter campaign for a luxury pyjama range.

As I went to their website ( It was instantly eye catching and easy to use. If you check them out please watch the video on the website because it shows and proves to you just how local and purely British the products are.

As I said these pyjamas are manufactured as well as designed in Britain and are being produced by a small London factory who also happen to supply products for names such as Gieves & Hawkes, Burberry and Victoria Beckham.

Going back to the website, i instantly loved these designs because they are so pretty and amazing quality. I have been provided with these pictures to show you visually how beautiful these pj’s are!

These designs and prints are a small sample some of the many many amazing products that The Reach London have. I can’t encourage you guys enough to become a backer! Every little piece given makes that more of a difference, and if there is any website/product that deserves support by us its defiantly this!

So far they have 28 backers, 22 days to go and so far have raised £3,882 and their goal is £8,500. So please give give give!

Soon i am thinking about maybe in the future ordering a pair and reviewing them because they look amazing, they give me some sort of Jack Wills styled vibe and in that sense they are ‘fabulously British’.

Please follow @thereachlondon for more updates

If you become a backer please message me and you will get a shout out!

Happy Pyjama browsing and supporting,



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